Cinemabox Apk for Android Download – Install

Cinemabox Apk: Are you fond of movies, sitcoms and cartoons? Do you want them at your tips all the time? If your answer is yes, then Cinemabox is the app for you. It is like a mini home theatre with you. You can watch movies, sitcoms and cartoons with few simple taps. It is a free app which enables you to watch movies in your phone. It is compatible to all of your gadgets. Whether it is android or Mac or Iphone, Cinemabox runs on it. This is the best app to spend your lazy day with! Cinemabox has all the new releases. It gets update regularly. Hence, you will be updated all the time. With this app you can opt for any resolution you want. No extra pay for HD quality. Isn’t it awesome? So let us see how we can get this amazing app for our Android devices.

Cinemabox Apk for Android Download – Install Cinema Box HD

  1. Cinemabox is not a part of Google Play Store. There are a lot of rules regulation and guidelines for an app to stay in Play Store. If any of the rules are broken, Google Play Store does not allow the app to be available there.

The app didn’t fulfill their requirements and terms and conditions so it has been removed from the Play Store.

  1. Do not fret! There is another way to get this app. But it will be via external source which will be any other than Play Store. The apk download is used for the apps which are not available in the Play Store but one need in their phones. This apk will be downloaded directly from the browser when you search them on Google or any other search engine.
  2. You are required to make sure that your phone allows downloading from external sources, for downloading the apk from external source,. Go to “Settings”. Then click on to “Security” and click on “Unknown Sources”. This will enable downloading from external sources. If you do not do this step, the installation will not take place and you cannot get this app.
  3. Open the browser you use and search for apk for Cinemabox app in any of your search engines. Once you get it install it. There will be many versions of apk. Download the latest version. If you choose the older version, the app will ask for update and ultimately convert into the latest version. So, to save time and data, download the latest version.

The file will be of very small size. It might take a minute or two to download. But it is entirely dependent on your internet connectivity. Faster your net, quicker it get downloaded.

  1. Once the apk is downloaded, it will open a page which will ask whether to install the app or cancel it.

After the apk is downloaded, click on “Install”. It will initiate the installation of Cinemabox app.

  1. After few minutes, once the app is downloaded a shortcut will be created on your home screen and you will find that Cinemabox is available to use in your phone. Click on the installed app and enjoy the wonder of watching videos, movies and sitcoms.
  2. Sometimes there can be a message popping up saying, “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped”. Do not worry there is a solution for this as well. Just go to “Settings” and click on “General”. Go to “Apps”. Click on to “Cinemabox”. After that “Force Stop” that app and clear all the data and cache.
  3. After you are done with above step, reinstall Cinemabox It will be good to go now.

Isn’t it so easy to get? Life becomes hassle free with this. All the entertainment you require in just few simple clicks. The whole world of entertainment is now in your phone. You can enjoy whatever you want and wherever you want.

Still thinking? Let us see some more alluring features of this app.

  1. The best thing about this app that it is a free You do not require to pay extra cost for downloading it. You pay literally nothing to take advantage of it.
  2. This app does not require any sign in or sign up You can use is as it is.
  3. Are you are lover for 1080p? Then Cinemabox in your app. Cinemabox provides you HD quality. You will ask what extra charges is there? I would say none. Yes, no extra charges for streaming in HD.
  4. This is a very legal app to use. There is nothing illegal in this.
  5. You even get subtitles for every movie on the latest versions. It is really helpful in understanding any movie.
  6. Two different players (Internal & External) are given to watch movies. MX player acts as default external player. You can choose any player to watch movies on your mobile.
  7. The contents for Cinemabox get updated regularly and easily. So it is easy to keep up with it.
  8. You can even add your favorite movies, TV shows etc. to the library. This helps you to re watch your favorites whenever you want to watch.
  9. It has an excellent filter option. All the movies are listed under different categories. Different filters like Genre, year & Sort By to filter movies. Thus, giving you opportunity to choose your movie without undergoing much hassle.

Install Cinema Box HD

  1. In addition to movies and sitcoms, you can even watch cartoons. You can relive your childhood by streaming your favorite cartoons from the list. Cinemabox has a very friendly interface, hence, making it user friendly and easy to use. Easy interface makes it easy to navigate between pages.
  2. The added advantage of Cinemabox is that it is available for Chromecast, so you don’t have to train your eyes to your small phone screen
  3. You can play, pause, rewind on your own wish.

Satisfied? Worth it? Cinemabox is gaining trust from all over the world. People are loving this app as it fulfills almost all requirement of a entertainment lover. So do not think much and bring the entertainment at your tips now!